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Seen Heard Paid with Kat Elizabeth

Kat Elizabeth

Welcome to Seen, Heard, Paid with Kat Elizabeth - formerly The Personal Branding Project. The podcast where we believe that success isn’t just about what you need to do… it’s about who you need to be. Whether you’re brand new to personal branding or you’ve been building your personal brand for years, you’re going to get all the practical advice, brand strategy, inspiring stories and tough love you need to go from industry’s best kept secret to in-demand brand. Messaging, positioning, social media, sales, content strategy - this is the weekly fluff-free dose of personal branding strategy you’ve been waiting for. Hosted by Kat Elizabeth, an actor turned copywriter turned brand strategist & personal branding coach who’s done the soul-sucking 9-to-5, the starving artist thing and understands the struggles of being #multipassionate. But despite a rocky start, she built a platform from scratch and is now here to share her framework, allow you to learn from her mistakes and help you build the self-belief, strategy and support you need to do the same.
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