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The investments I made in my personal brand in 2020 (and how they paid off)

March 01, 2021 Kat Elizabeth Season 1 Episode 35
Seen Heard Paid with Kat Elizabeth
The investments I made in my personal brand in 2020 (and how they paid off)
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I spent a LOT of money on personal and professional development in 2020. Enough to make your eyes water.

But I'm happy to report that every single one of the investments I made paid off in some way (whether directly or indirectly) and I thought it was time to talk about them.

So in today's episode, I'm pulling back the curtains on my personal brand related investments, why I made them and, of course, what kind of ROI they brought me.

As a bonus, you'll also get some insight into some of the decisions I've made to pivot and re-package my own offerings lately -- #teachablemoment!


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Kat Elizabeth:

You're listening to Episode 35, the investments I made into my personal brand in 2020, and how they paid off. So yeah, we're going a little bit behind the scenes today, something a little bit different. I did mention in a previous episode, to basically let me know if you were interested in seeing the kinds of investments that I'm making in my own personal and professional development, which obviously all leads into speeding up the growth of my personal brand. And some of you said that you were interested. And then I ran a poll today on Instagram and said, Do you want to know about just the business specific stuff, or all of it the personal stuff, too, and there was a bit of a landslide victory with all of it. So we are going to dive in not only to the kind of, I guess, skills based training, and the business specific programs that I signed up to, but also some of the other things that I really believe have all played a role in helping me become that person I needed to be to really take my own business to the next level, because obviously, this isn't just about my brand. This is about how it's translating into dollars into revenue. So if you find that interesting, intriguing, keep on listening. Welcome to the personal branding project. I'm your host, Kat Elizabeth an actor and personal branding coach who is obsessed with helping creative entrepreneurs like you build personal brands that change your life for good from attracting bigger opportunities, more joy and freedom in your life and the ability to get paid to do the things that you love most. Each week, I'm bringing you inspiration, practical advice and the occasional dose of tough love. So you can stop dreaming and start doing what it takes to make those dreams a reality. So welcome back. And thank you for being here. As always, I'm really looking forward to diving into a bit of an unplugged episode with you pulling back the curtains because I just I always find that so fascinating when I'm listening to other people's podcasts I'm like what does go into them building their brand and their business, I thought it was just high time that I did this myself. Now, you may have noticed I've been a little bit quiet again, for the last few weeks, maybe you didn't notice if so well then forget you heard this, but it's been a really interesting start to the year. I laid a lot of groundwork in 2020 to really set myself up so that I had some built in momentum from January this year. And it I mean, it paid off, which is great. But then I ended up just insanely busy. And a little bit too busy for my liking because I actually am really making an effort to build out some whitespace and start working so ridiculously long and hard. Probably a topic for a future episode talk about that journey, because that's, I think, a struggle for so many of us. But essentially I overbooked myself, which you know, I'm not complaining. so grateful to be working with the people that I that I work with. But then I was also trying to I mean, I am currently finishing off creating Seen Heard Paid Academy because I have been releasing the modules every couple of weeks live with all of these, I guess we'll call them founding students. So that was keeping me busy. Plus, I've been working on some other little bits and pieces, I can't reveal it all right this second. But just so you know what's coming? Well, the thing that's live is that I actually updated, the in demand brand blueprint, my free, I guess PDF workbook that you may already have a copy of you may not. And just really dove a little bit deeper into some of the areas that I didn't cover in as much depth I guess in the previous version. As I've mentioned recently, I have been diving deeper into the self belief piece when it comes to personal branding, knowing that it's not strategy alone, that's going to get you the results, you have to have the self belief in place, as well as the right kind of support. In fact, I've updated my entire framework to make sure that it houses those three things. So I wanted to make sure that was reflected in the blueprint. So if you want to grab an updated copy, there'll be a link in the show notes or just head to, and you can get a copy. Something else that I have created that I can't release just yet because I'm still putting on some final touches is I created a personal branding quiz to help you determine your go to expert status. And it's been such a fun, cool process. I think I'll actually do an entire episode about it. Because there's it's a very strategic move that I've made by creating this quiz. So again, if you're interested in quizzes and knowing more about that, let me know. But you know what, I've been rambling Enough already. Let's just dive into this episode. It's slightly unplanned. I've got my bullet points. That's about it. But I'm just really hoping you find this helpful. So what I will first say is I'm not going to go into things like software, the gear, I use the team that members that I've I've hired or I've worked with, like, I feel like that's a kind of a separate topic that could be an episode of its own. What I'm talking about today are the investments in, I guess bettering myself. So that might be like coaching, upskilling in some way, you know, courses, resources that I've read, like kind of, I guess, investments into making myself a better business owner, really. So that is what today is about. So just so we have all that out, you're not expecting something else. So the first investment that I'm going to talk about is, it was the really game changing one it was I feel like it was the catalyst for the most change, because it was the first high ticket investment that I made. Technically, I made it at the end of 2019. That's when I committed to it but it started at the beginning of 2020. And this was an accelerated program I was in I will share was with Selina Gray, I'm not going to hide who my mentors are, I think that's really weird. So Selina is a, I guess, a wealth empowerment coach. There's, I mean, there's so much to what she does beyond that title, but that's the best I can explain. And so it was a program with you know, about 20 or so other female business, identifying business owners, a lot of them were based in Canada, I was the only I mean, I was in Canada at the time, when I first started, I was the only Ozzy there. And it was very much it was a group coaching program where we would show up for like, I think it was like kind of fortnightly calls and it included some one on one time as well. And it was like a, an 11 month, I think was an 11 month journey. Now the big like, so we're talking about return on investment here, I'm not talking as much about what, you know, each program or investment involved because that would take way too long. But with this one, the big shift that happened is that I mean, I made a big investment in myself, I kind of went all in on myself. And I'd made you know, the biggest investment I guess I'd made previously was it was one or two kind of, I guess courses like the Amy Porterfield course that I done, it was probably around like the $1500 mark. And that was a really big deal at the time, because that's the thing, like, we keep raising the bar, like obviously, as we, you know, we increase our revenue, and we go along further along in the journey it like everything is relative. So in the past a $1500 investment had been huge for me. And then I came to this program, and it was about a, I'm going to say it was like an $8,000 investment. And I did not know where the money was gonna come from, like, I did not have the money in the bank for this program. And it was a monthly payment plan. But still month to month, I was like, Where am I getting this from? Because previously, I'd had a year where I launched my other course for a different business. And I'd stopped working with my copywriting clients to be able to do that. And I earned very little like, it was not an earning year. Okay. So to then get to this point where I was considering signing up for something that was like, probably a quarter of what I'd earned in the year before. It was huge. I was terrified. But I had this moment like I firstly, I just knew that Selina in this moment was the person I needed to learn from because she really emulated I guess, the business owner that I wanted to become, who had work life balance, who was able to make huge amounts of money, make a huge impact, but still live her life. And she did with such grace and poise. She was so good at sales. I was like, Oh my goodness, these are all the things that I need to learn. And so, you know, when it came down to it, I knew I needed to do this. But then there was that, how do I do this? Like I don't, I don't have the money. Like I don't have any clients lined up. I'd only just a couple of months ago launched the personal branding project. And I'd gotten some coaching clients in but still like I didn't have a business plan for 2020. Like, I didn't really know what I was doing. So in that moment when I was putting my name like kind of filling out the application form and I was like shaking a little bit of being like, what are you doing? This, I guess voice came into my head. It was the voice of me. But anyway, it was a voice. And it was basically like, if you don't commit to this, it's you admitting that you don't believe you can make back the money. Like and that was it. And I was like, oh, so really, do I believe I'm capable of making this money back and more. Or do I not believe that? And that's actually what it came down to. And when I tapped into that like inner voice again, like that, you know, wisdom, whatever. There was without a doubt, I was like, I know I can do this. I don't know how right now, because I don't have the answers. I don't necessarily have the skill set. I don't have the plan. But I know I am capable of doing this thing. So therefore, I'm going to make this commitment because I know I'm capable. And what do you know, you may have heard me tell this part before. But within three weeks of being in the program, I signed a client worth the same value as what the cost of the program was. Now, it's not because in those three weeks, I was given all of the tools and the resources and the strategy that I needed to do that, because that's not what it's about. It's never about getting straight to the end and having it all figured out. It's like, what's going to get you to that next point? Well, the next point for me was like being able to actually close a client who was already interested in working with me. And it was about me really feeling this, I don't want to say sense of urgency. But there was this fire lit under me where I knew I'd put this money down and I had to show up in a different way, I couldn't keep acting the way I was acting the year before, where I was like, oh, I'll just buy myself another month, I'll just live off a bit more savings. And I'll just like, be that person who can't afford anything like I knew I had to ditch that old version of me. And I had to step into the new version of me the one who actually goes out there and just make some money. So really, it was about the big shift for me, because all the skills and the strategy and things like that, like they kind of kept growing throughout the year. But I saw this huge return immediately, because I started showing up differently, I had invested in myself, I had skin in the game, and boom, I saw results. And then it was onward and upward from there, you know, having this commitment, especially because it was a 12 month commitment meant that I was there through highs and lows. It wasn't just about the quick wins, there were obviously going to be tough months, there were going to be slow months, you know, there were times where I was freaking out and in my head. And I had this consistency of knowing that there was this support through the community and like the sisterhood, as well as through, you know, through my coach, because there was you know, there was some one on one as well as the as the group coaching. So that was I guess that laid the foundation for me like it really set the tone for the entire year. And it certainly didn't mean that I had it all figured out. There were so many other pieces missing that I saw, I started to identify once I was clearer, I guess on, because Selina and her program really helped me so much with things like money stories, like money mindset, self worth, once I started working through that, it was easier for me to then identify in a more rational way, what the gaps were, where I needed to do more work where I was missing some skills. And I wanted to level up where my offers weren't just something wasn't resonating. Like before, it was just this mess of like, oh my gosh, what am I doing wrong, it feels like I need to do everything. Like, it just felt like such a mess. Like I just had nothing together. But once you start dealing with some of that self belief piece, which as I mentioned is what I've updated my framework to start with this, you know, then we get clearer on what actually needs to happen with the strategy where things are actually missing where things are not working, you know, or where it was literally just a mindset or an energy problem. And it wasn't actually the strategy. That was the issue. So that was that one, I've spent the most time probably talking about this, because it was the biggest game changer for me. But I guess the other thing I will say from like, as far as the return on investment goes for that. I mean, being in a group setting, exposed me to some amazing other people. And we all ended up working with each other. So, you know, I landed a lot of clients just from people inside that group. And also got referrals because they would then send their people to me. And then there was also just the how equipped I was to then tackle my launches and go out there and land new clients outside that circle. So the return on investment was huge for that program. Even though it wasn't one where I was like, okay, I've walked away with like this very tangible skill set. It wasn't really about that, that was just like it was so many indirect ways that I got the return on investment. And it really, I guess, made me realize that it's not all just about signing up for something to just get one skill. Like it's not about that sometimes it's and also it's not about getting every answer and solving every single problem with a program. It's that program or that offering that gets you from where you are today to wherever you could be next. You know, like, I'm going to be talking about this more when I do the episode on the quiz. How there is this journey that we go on, as personal brands, where we start from being you know, basically your industry's best kept secret all the way through to in demand brand, like there's multiple steps along the way. And someone who is an industry's best kept secret. Or you know, even before that stage, I call it the stuck service provider where you're just like, just not seeing traction and you're in your head and there's all these issues, you don't go straight from being stuck service provider to in demand brand, like there are steps that we need to take. So I'm always looking for Okay, what is the next investment that I'm going to make that's going to help me get to that next step? I'm not looking for the thing that gets me all the way to the end. Because that's, that's a while away. And this is a slow burn like this is we're playing the long game here. Anyways, that's another ramble on that one. So another high ticket investment that I made, funnily enough, like this was higher ticket than the previous one. But I'd reset like the bar had moved again. So it didn't feel as big a deal where like, I would have had a heart attack like Kat two years ago, if you heard about this investment would have been like, what are you doing? So I actually signed up for Haley Burkheads Recurring Profit Program. And that was all about teaching me how to create an evergreen funnel. So a very automated funnel, sales funnel, to sell a course or membership. Now, I've been on a really interesting journey with this program, because I, I did a launch, I launched the personal branding collective 2.0. Right when I had signed up for recurring profit, and in the months following ended up kind of going through the program, setting up my evergreen funnel, and then realizing the personal branding collective isn't the thing I want to continue with. And that's what my next episode is going to be about, by the way, the big pivot that I made with this offering, because I think there's so much that you could potentially learn from, from this pivot if you are looking at creating any sort of courses or memberships. So I ended up doing this launch, going through all this effort to set up this evergreen funnel and then realizing it's the wrong offer. With the wrong messaging to the wrong audience like, I mean, it was it wasn't way off. But there were a lot of things that needed to change. So I'm now like way into the program. And I ended up starting all over again, essentially, because I went back to basics, like I mentioned to you in a recent episode, I revisited all my messaging, and identified who that one person is that I really want to help like with this kind of offering like because it isn't an entry level offering. And then I decided to redo like basically scrap the collective in its current form and re launch it as Seen, Heard, Paid Academy. So I can't speak to the return on investment just yet with recurring profit, except I can tell you that it's equipped me like the skills and the knowledge and the tactics and the strategy I now have, it's actually allowed me to help multiple clients like my high level clients that you know, one on one service based clients with their own launches and funnels. So I've actually got the return on investment through helping other people with launches, but I haven't yet got to do my really big launch just yet. The first launch i did i would call a success. You know, it was I mean, it was a it was a four figure launch, which is you know, but it was a bit of a non launch, it's part of the strategy is that you don't actually have to do this huge launch. I didn't use ads, like it was all just organic, it was quite chilled. So you know, it was pretty decent that I you know, I got close to hitting five figures with that launch, but it was just the wrong was the wrong offer. So I will check back in and let you know, once I've relaunched everything with every all the pieces in place all the foundation's relayed, and let you know how that one paid off. I mean, the the program itself is absolutely incredible. Like it's the most in depth program that I've ever been in. And the results speak for themselves of everyone that's around me and that the launches they're having. So that's all I'll say on that one. But certainly no regrets with this. It's just it's, as you can see, it's a long game. You know, it's we rarely have that launch, like the first launch is rarely the launch where you're like, okay, that's defined my success, like I can retire now. No, it takes launch after launch after launch. And you keep refining and optimizing and tweaking things, and then re launching. So that is the process. I'm going through with that one right now. And then I'll move on to courses. Now, technically, there are way too many courses to mention. Like I'm a bit of a course addict, and I'm not ashamed of it. Honestly, I love learning. I'm obsessed with learning. I love that I take every program under the sun so that my clients don't have to because then I can filter through the information and just give them what they need which is usually a fraction of what I actually have learned and what I need and want but I will say that the highlights of the courses that I have taken have been the Video 4x effect with Brandon Lucero, that was game changing as far as my messaging goes, it's so funny. It's a video, it's more, it was framed as a program about creating video, like content that really stops the scroll and gets you to stand out and gets noticed. But it forced me to go back to basics with my messaging. And it was, I guess the core of what helped me shift a lot of my approach with my messaging when I went back and redid it. So huge shout out goes to Brandon Lucero for that, and actually he, if you go check out his podcast, I did an episode with him recently, where we actually talked about all of that, as well as he did some live coaching with me, which was fun. So that's one, Grow with Quizzes, which I'll talk about more when I do my quiz related episodes. So that's with Chanti Zak, and then Sell from Stage with Colin Boyd. So those were some of the like the big game changing ones and the ones where I was like, okay, this is going to fill this gap, like, I want to do this thing. But I'm just missing the skill set or strategy to be able to get me to that next step. So those ones helped there. But then I did a whole bunch of just like really little ones that all were just so helpful and valuable. And, but just keep in mind, I have like I have a weird brain. I wouldn't recommend anyone do as many courses in a short period of time that I do. That's just how my brain works. And I love it. And I don't get bogged down and overwhelmed. But I do, I've noticed in a lot of my students and clients that they do, and if you're signed up to too many things at once, you just keep jumping between them, you get completely overwhelmed, you don't implement one properly before moving on to the next one. And you just a lot of the time you end up with half finished courses just sitting there, or courses that you kind of completed as far as the theory goes, like you watched all the videos, and you never did the work. So what was the point? So I mean, again, this is why I really changed my approach with Seen Heard Academy, because the personal branding collective I know I'm going on a tangent, but let me just I'll explain because again, teachable moment. Inside the personal branding collective, I had to complete courses like big courses, I had the personal branding blueprint, and I had the profit prescription. Between them, it was probably about six courses worth of work. And I thought if I put in everything I know, then it's higher value. Not thinking oh my goodness, this can get really overwhelming depending on where you're at in the journey, you might be ready for this stuff. Or you might be like, Whoa, and that you're getting exposed to things you don't even need to know yet. Because really, it's about tapping into that self belief. And it's about staying consistent. Because I really wanted this offering like the collective, which is now the Academy to help that person in those first few years of getting really intentional about building a personal brand. Like if you're not yet where you want to be as far as the visibility goes, and knowing how to show up on social media and you know how to pitch yourself all those things. This was really about simplifying it just giving you like the 20% of information to get you the 80% of results and really focus on actually doing it, implementing it and not just taking in all this theory. So just circling back around to explain what I'm talking about. Don't think that you just like going to more courses means more results. If you are not implementing and implementing consistently. It's not going to help. And also, you might be just by getting skills for the sake you're getting skills, but then they're not they're not the ones that you actually need right now. So really get get intentional, like what is what is the gap right now? Where are you struggling? Where can you not get past? And are you sure it's skills based? Or is the issue implementation or your self belief? And implementation is often connected to a lack of self belief in some way. So anyways, thanks for listening to my soapbox, talk. Let's move on. So it's something else that I invested in, which was not, so now we're getting to the non business stuff. I guess the first thing I will say is books because that was business related. And then we'll move to the non business related so as far as books go, it was a bit of a strange year. I don't feel like I came across any books that were completely life changing. I did reread some that will have changing, which is the Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. And as you've heard me talk about before The Slight Edge is one that's really stuck with me. I do need to reread Atomic Habits as well. That's another one. But the ones that I bought fresh last year, that just kind of like I got a few nuggets from but they just didn't stick. So I got the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. Some people swear by this book. I just found it too much. I'm just not someone who's going to do like six different things in the morning before 6am I've really been focusing on just doing the things in the morning that make me feel really good. And that set me up for success and it's going to be different for everyone. So yep, people swear by it, get some huge results. I'm just doing it my way and I'm cool with that. And then what else I bought, I bought Russell Brunson trilogy. So all of his like, you know, Traffic Secrets, whatever secret secret secrets. So people either obsessed with him like think he's, he's a genius, or they slam him. I'm actually I'm in between, I can see his genius, like, I can see why they're saying that there is some really good stuff to be found in his books. But then I also find some of his approach, very rigid, and just not. I mean, it's like, funnel in a box, essentially. And it goes against what I believe about creating a strategy that's really just aligned with your values and who you are and the people you want to reach. And that we don't have to have all these like technical multiple step funnels when these ugly sales pages and oh don't even start me so I read his books, and I got plenty out of them. And I did learn a thing or two. And it always just opens my eyes and my mind to other ways of doing things, which is wonderful. But I wouldn't say that I walked away and it like changed my approach to business. Yeah, that's what I'll say. So those were the only kind of like books that I really noticed that I bought last year, which is really strange. I actually did less reading, but I think it's because I was just so damn busy like I was, I was doing a lot. So now that the books are out of the way, I'll get to some of the non business related investments, but that are absolutely connected to all of that. So the first thing that I did was and this is towards like this is in the second half of last year. So I really feel like the first really two thirds of last year was just business business business. I was neglecting my health, neglecting my social life. Like I was not living a full life, I really struggled to take time off. I really thought I'd just kind of let myself go physically, I used to be this really fit healthy person. And I was like, I don't think that's me anymore. Have I like, Is it all over? Like, have I have I gone too far? Like, is there no coming back from this? Am I just getting old? Anyways, I'm happy to report I'm not it's it's all good. I decided to hire a nutrition coach. And I have so I've had personal trainers in the past, I've invested in many different personal trainers love personal trainers, and personal training. I'm literally an ex personal trainer from way, way back. But I never, like I never stuck with the eating thing. And I think this actually connects to my approach to branding and marketing. All of these personal trainers used to just hand me this diet plan that was just like, based on like, Oh, well, this works. And everything was the same as like grilled chicken, broccoli, you know, just Same old, same old, they didn't bother to ask what I like eating what my current eating habits were like, it was just straight onto this plan that I hated. I was always hungry. Like it just was not it didn't i didn't stick with it. And same what I've tried to do my own plans, they're always so extreme that I just like that, that made me feel crap. like, I'm going on a tangent here again. But anyways, they didn't work because they weren't based off what I actually need as a human knowing that we're all completely different. So I hired a nutrition coach, who actually seemed to do things very differently to everyone else. So he basically, first of all, it's like reverse dieting. So for months, you actually increase your calories before decreasing so that you get to this point where you're eating so much that when you cut back, you're not starving, even though you're able to lose weight because your body just adapts to this next level of calories. There's a lot of detail you probably don't care about. But anyways, long story short, he also asked me all the foods that I like eating, and I'm currently eating, and he put them into the plan. So we made the macros work around the foods that I actually enjoy. And so here's the lesson for your own marketing and branding strategies. Because they're foods that I enjoy, I am nearly six months into this plan, and I'm still sticking with it because I don't feel like I'm being deprived. And when you are talking about marketing and branding, like I am not feeling like I have to show up and be someone i'm not i'm not doing things that feel yuck, or out of integrity, or just like sleazy or gross or uncomfortable. Okay, I'm sticking with it. And I'm seeing results, slow results. Okay, I had to increase my calories for like four months before we started cutting. So for four months, I didn't really see the results. And I was just trusting the process. And it's a big deal like this is also connected to me learning to be an adult to just trust the process and not be impatient. I'm now seeing the results and I'm now seeing that I can do this indefinitely. I can just keep going for as long as it takes. And I'm prepared to because it's worth it. And so that's my approach to business and branding and marketing now too and I hope it'll be yours as well. Because if you feel like to get you know you only have 30 days in you have high energy and then you're just gonna be like throwing in the towel, then you're not going to find success are you? So this nutrition coach has not only helped me start, at least I'm on the journey and feeling so much better in myself and I'm seeing the results. But it's also just like taught me the power of playing the long game, trusting the process and creating a plan that feels good. So you're not just waiting for that milestone of like, Okay, I'm just gonna suffer for the next six months or 12 months. And then finally, I'll hit that, that number on the scales, and I'm gonna feel good. No, I feel good every single day. Because I know I'm making progress. I feel healthy. It's good for my mindset, like, I enjoy the entire thing. Okay, so, hope you saw the lesson there. I know, it wasn't super subtle, but just wanted to spell it out. And then the other thing that I signed up for, which was and I should mention, one of the, one of the things with the nutrition coach, it's like, I mean, in the big scheme of things, he's not expensive. He's actually a celebrity nutrition coach, namedropping now he's also Hilary Duff's nutrition coach, just just saying, that's how I found him. Kind of sounds lame, but I'm like, you know what, it helped me find something that worked. So so be it. Anyways, it was a big investment. It was not money I had set aside in my budget, I have been someone who's just been pouring all of my, you know, profit back into the business. And I've really struggled to even want to spend any money outside that like on just me. But I now see that the increase. So number one, what I'm trying to say is, the level of investment that I was paying, gave me some level of confidence that I was going to stick to the plan, because I was like, you'd better not waste this investment like this, the lot of money if it doesn't work. So that was one thing. But the other thing is, I've now seen that this increased confidence in myself, that shifted mindset, like all of the ways I'm improving myself through this coaching is obviously translating to the business because as they say, how you show up in one area of your life is how you show up everywhere. So of course, like if I wasn't able to stick with the plan, and I wasn't taking pride in my body, I wasn't looking after myself, can I really expect to be finding all the success that I want on the business side, like they don't live in bubbles, we are one human, our business is just an extension of ourselves. So if something is off in one other area, you're probably it's going to somehow show up in your business as well. So anyway, that's another lesson to be learned. But anyways, moving back to what I was saying, I invested in another kind of coach. And this one was the scariest investment I made. Even though it wasn't the highest cost. I invested in a coach who is all about helping you ditch the hustle, and the panic and the fear. And all of this the obligation and guilt driven work. And really get back to yourself who you actually are, and find peace with that and create space. Like there's so many things and I had been in touch with this coach for a year actually met her when I first signed up for the accelerator program that I mentioned, the very first investment that I told you about. And I've always kind of known that I needed to work with her because I and again, this is gonna be a separate episode. But I was still hustling way too hard, I was still saying yes to things out of fear. Like I was still signing on clients for the wrong reasons, thinking, you know, I had to because of whatever reason. And I was terrified of actually working with her because it's like, deep down, I knew I was gonna have to make some really big changes, and I was gonna have to let go of the identity that I had, when I first started working with her. Like, it's like my ego started freaking out. Because it was like, oh, change, change is dangerous chang is bad change could kill us. And it's like, in a way it kind of does like it kills your ego in at least in the form that it was in. And what you're left with is actually that like the real you. So we've been working together now for I think about nine or 10 weeks. And holy dooly, the shifts that I have been making are the ones that I now know are going to be the thing that lead me to everything that I want in my life and my business. Because I am I'm no longer making these decisions from from fear and from scarcity. And you know, I'm not stuck in the patterns that I had running through like all the, you know, I'll give you just one random example. But like I realized I had this pattern where I was actually scared to speak up and say what I wanted. And so I would get myself into these situations, I'd agree to do something and then realize it was out of alignment. And then I would just be like, Oh, I can't say anything. I just need to suck it up. I just need to suffer. I can't tell them what I think because what if they won't like me if I say what I think and I walk away from this opportunity So I would just suck it up and then deal with anxiety and keep taking on these clients and just stay miserable. And you know, we've broken that pattern. Like we realized what it was, we realized where it came from everything comes from childhood just about, spoiler alert. And I now speak up for myself. And I now, you know, set boundaries. And I can I mean, I find it easier to say no, upfront, but I'm also not scared of saying no, after I've said yes to something if something shifts, and I realized it's not right. So this has been huge. I'm still at the very beginning of this journey, because it's lifelong, just like anything, it's not there was not an actual destination. But doing this work has just, it's changed my entire approach to my business and to my brand, and how I market myself and yeah, it's weird. I feel like I'm still, you guys at least haven't seen the result of all these shifts, because they've just been happening so fast. And I've been like bit so busy behind the scenes working on things that are going to better represent who I am in the business. And so there's going to be this, like delayed reaction, I guess, or delayed results that you see of this work. But I'm going to speak to it a lot more moving forward, because I'm kind of, I guess, integrating this approach, more and more into the work that I do. So anyways, that's enough on that. So these were two really like the nutrition coach and I guess we're just gonna say, life coach, I'm not sure how to label her, it's difficult to put a label because of what she does. But these were two investments that really felt like that would just for me, and it turned out that they both showing up in my business and the results that I'm having. So it ended up being this very holistic investment. And I think that's the thing, we need to stop seeing that the business is something else, then you you whether you have a business brand or a personal brand, the fact is, it's going to be an extension of you to a point. So the investments that you're making in yourself, and that includes the investment of self care, rest those things, they have a flow on effect to your business, as well. And so one of the minor little investment that I made, but I just wanted to shout it out, because it I feel like it kind of came before I worked with this coach. And just I've loved it, and it's not for everyone. But I signed up for the to be magnetic membership, I'll link to all of the names of the people I've mentioned, and all of that in the show notes because again, I have nothing to hide. But this is it's to be magnetic is it's really about manifestation but I really, they've kind of actually trademarked it. And it's very much connected to neuroscience, their approach anyways. And so I started doing that a couple of months before I started working with this coach. And it really laid some of the groundwork and helped me understand how all of this works more and I was actually working through the two and by the way, the to be magnetic membership, it's very affordable, like I feel like it's been around, I don't know, $30 a month or something like that. I was working through their money course, unblocked money before in the lead up to December last year, and was really just trying to do some intentional work to kind of just, I guess well unblock, rewrite some of my money stories and try and just do some shifts that helped me reach my next revenue ceiling goal. Anyways, I had set this goal for myself, and, you know, I'm just gonna share the, the dollar amount. So like, what I will say is cuz I don't talk about money all the time, but I do want to, it's just like, I have to get used to it. So excuse me being awkward about it. So last year, my average month was around like a 10k a month, which is you know, nothing to be ashamed of, like I'm really proud of the work that I did to make like to hit that into to make it quite consistent. But I set a goal for myself because I really wanted to just get ahead and I set this goal to do 30k in 30 days, which sounded in sane, but I just kind of detached from the outcome I wasn't stressed about it's not like it was going to define me or anything like that. And I was doing this money course in the in the lead up to it to really try and just like remove any blocks that I had and kind of get I guess set my mind up and my energy up to be able to call that kind of revenue in. Well, I ended up actually securing and like I'm gonna say securing because then thing a few things shifted but like securing about $33,000 that month in December while I was taking time off. I was like, Whoa, okay, this is interesting because this isn't connected to a launch. This is actually connected to me taking time off and chilling. And I saw this huge increase in revenue, cash collected like full disclosure, because again, if I'm going to talk about money, I need to be fully honest with you to cash collected was about 25 in the end, and I ended up letting go of one of the clients, which was part of what I was talking about how the coach that I worked with helped me to be able to walk away from things that didn't actually serve me anymore. So anyways, long story short, like I this, I really believe that this little tiny investment that I made in that to be magnetic membership played a big role in helping me get to that next revenue level in December. I'm not saying that's not what I'm sustaining right now. Like, I've had to then go back to behind the scenes and start doing a lot of creating, and I haven't been doing much selling recently, but like it showed me it was possible. I was like, Huh, okay, this is cool. And that wasn't some huge investment. So it's not necessarily, we don't have to just be making huge investments in things to see huge results. But I guess the things that the how I'm gonna tie this all off nicely is that, number one, the investment means nothing if you don't show up and do the work. So when I was doing that money course with to be magnetic, I was doing it daily, or at least every second day, I was really committed to it. And with every single thing I have signed up for I have completed the program, oh, I just realized I missed one of the really wonderful courses I invested into, which was Copy School by Copy Hackers. And that was another big one. But um, anyways, I see the results when I do the work. And it's less about how much I invest. Although, I have also noticed that you know, the higher the ticket investment, generally, the more you feel like Oh, I'd better show up and do the work to make sure I get the results, it's very easy to leave those low, low ticket investments and out low tickets different for everyone like for you might be $27. You know, for someone else that maybe it's $500 is low ticket, that means for some people low ticket might be $3,000. Let's be honest. But for me, you know, if I've invested in something that's sort of like $500 or less, sometimes I feel just less urgency to actually do it. So and this again, I'll bring this up in my pivot episode about the Seen Heard Paid Academy is that like I, I've tested out so many different pricing models as well for my the things that I offer. And part of you know, part of my reasoning behind choosing pricing, it's not about just making sure I get paid. Like, it's also making sure that you've invested enough that you show up and do the work. Because I've seen too many people take my you know, join my membership when it was like a founding membership, and it was very low cost. And just be a member and have the money come out every month and not touch the training. And I was like I don't want that I actually I don't want your money if you're not doing the work. And so there is also the sweet spot of finding the right price that makes people really do you know, have some skin in the game, so that they do the work and see the results. Because I don't know about you. But if someone is paying for something with me, I want them to walk away better from it. I know I can't control that. But I'm going to do everything in my power to help facilitate that. And part of it is the pricing strategy. Obviously, there's a million other factors that go into it, too. But anyways, this has been a huge episode was not planning on going this long. But there was a lot to say. And hopefully, even though it was a bit long and long winded and windy, I'm really hoping you got some gold nuggets out of it. Because I mean, I certainly have, I've learned so much through the investments I made, even just from observing myself and how I, how I respond to the investments and all of those kinds of things. Like it's not just the actual direct learning that I get. And something else I will save just especially for people who are you know, if you're a coach or a course creator, especially, or membership creator, being in so many other courses and memberships, I just learned so much about what to do and what not to do. I walk away with all these little gold nuggets of like, oh fascinating, like this onboarding, just really, that was so good. Like, how can I make that work for me or Wow, I really hated it when I was you know, treated like that or they you know, dealt with this this way. Make sure I never do that again. So there is like there is also those other indirect returns on investment that you get from signing up for things when you are some sort of educator as well. So I just wanted to finish with that. But anyways, that's plenty for today. Let me know how you found this. Share this episode on Instagram and tag me @iamkatelizabeth If you enjoyed it, I'd love to know your biggest takeaway and tell me, I've already seeded so many different episodes that I'm planning like I'd love to know what you're excited to hear more about and if I if there's something I haven't yet covered and you want me to cover it, just reach out. Anyways, just reach out and let me know shoot me a DM on Instagram or drop me an email. I'd love to hear from you and I can't wait to chat with you next week. Have a good one. Bye.